I am a bookaholic and I am not afraid to admit it…

I don’t know about you but being a book addict means that I currently have four books on my bedside locker waiting to be read, I have one that I am reading, I have a bookcase full and of course there are also piles of books on the floor under my desk as I can’t fit them on the shelves. My drawer in my locker also has maybe five or six books that I haven’t read either…….. the problem is this does not in any way stop me from buying more!! So peeps I am vowing here and now not to buy anymore books until I at least have the ones on my bedside locker read!! Gah the pain this is causing me 😦 On this blog you will find book reviews, difficulties of being a bookaholic, my favourite bookshops and basically all things book related 🙂

So here are my bedside locker books : )

The Last Anniversary – Liane Moriarty

Apple Tree Yard – Louise Doughty

Girl Online – Zoe Sugg

The One Plus One – Jojo Moyles

As you can see my taste in books varies quite a lot!!! My choices really depend on my mood at the time!!

I have been a book lover my entire life and I have tried very hard to make it part of my carrier. I worked in a bookshop for many years and ended up having to leave because of a back issue. I did internships with publishing companies and also with a children’s charity that concentrates on the promotion of children’s literature and finally I did my masters in Library Information and Management Sciences which is the direction my career is heading in currently!! Books make me feel calm and provide an amazing escape into different worlds and lives that I may never have experienced had I not been a reader!

I hope you enjoy my blog and that you feel free to comment and suggest books to me 🙂