The Last Anniversary – Liane Moriarty

So this is the first book I actually took from my bedside locker…

Liane Moriarty is a crime/fiction writer who is probably best known for “The Husbands Secret” which I believe may be making its way to the big screen fairly soon. Moriarty tends to write lightly on the side of crime which tends to suit me as I get scared quite easily!!!!

This particular story brings us through the mystery of the Munro Baby, as the story go’s two young girls went to the Munro house one afternoon to find the baby there all alone. Her parents apparently having vanished, the chair upturned and blood splattered on the floor…

Connie and Rose two sisters who live on Scribbly Gum Island took the baby in naming her Enigma and raised her as their own. Scribbly Gum Island was written for me, a romantic island that came into the Doughty family through their great grandfather won it on a bet. Ever since the population of Scribbly Gum has been relatives of the Doughty family, that is until Connie dies leaving her house to Sophie Honeywell a girl who used to date her nephew Thomas.

While this story is circled around the mystery of the Munro baby for me it was more about friends and family and love. It speaks about getting your dream in different ways then you may have expected. I really enjoyed it and it definitely helped me get back into reading again.

There is nothing better then winding down the day by climbing into bed and reading a few chapters before falling asleep.


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